The evil -that is- comparing your life to Pinterest

So we’ve got about 5 months and 19 days left to the big day. Woot? I’m just glad to be ending the madness that is wedding planning, although I do have to admit I enjoy making DIY projects that show off some creativity.

Then comes Pinterest.

On Pinterest, you may find other wedding details that are prettier than what you have envisioned, driving you to the point of insanity. A lot of girls start dreaming and pinning images for their dream wedding (even while single), almost forgetting that they’ll have another half to involve in this process, forgetting it actually costs to have pretty things, especially in the wedding market. All these worked for someone, but it doesn’t mean that the idea would generally be applicable.  It has to be personal.

It was all fun in the beginning, but at some point, you’ve got to stop. I’ve got to stop.

Because the invitation is already designed and DIY-ed as I wished to do it, yet seeing all these other pretty invitations makes me feel bad about my designing skills. And then I have to remind myself that – really, it’s not as bad as I think. And right now, I feel silly for letting something as relatively small as invitations get in the way of my self-esteem, because really, that’s not why we’re getting married. And even if people would momentarily appreciate all the aesthetics, these pale compared to the day’s actual meaningful highlights.

A Practical Wedding put it simply:

About 80% of wedding media, both online and in print focuses on aesthetics. And caring about aesthetics is great, up to a point. Make things authentic, make sure they feel like you… and then think about having fun. No one has ever left a wedding saying, “That party was so fun! Did you see the hand lettering on the favors??” No. At a great party, no one even notices the favors because they are so busy dancing/drinking/chatting/catching up/feeling overjoyed for the wedding couple/laughing/eating/telling stories/making memories.

So, phew. I have to stop comparing. This is no competition. It’s a wedding, and it will be different for everybody. Enough about the invitations and let’s plan the party!

On that note, I should probably start pinning not-so-pretty images so I could feel better about myself. (Ok, that was bad.)

(End of monologue)


12 thoughts on “The evil -that is- comparing your life to Pinterest

  1. Peach says:

    Hey Missy,

    Don’t fret. My cousin’s wedding was DIY too and it was awesome. And the comment is correct, it’s all about you and your Man and the fun every one Will have.

    Don’t worry. Those people pinning without a partner are just jealous!

    Mwah. Worrying will make you ugly and that will be bad for your wedding.


  2. I am sure your wedding will be FABULOUS. Some weddings may ideally be picture perfect, but that’s just the surface.

    I love your DIY invitations. They are EXTRA SPECIAL because they’re made straight from the hands and straight from the heart. I saw a lot of creativity, personality, thought, and best of all, LOVE, as I received one of them. :)

    • Ate Jannie! You got it na pala? Ang bilis nila! Hahaha. Thanks so much for your encouragement… I’m very happy with it now. :) I don’t think I could’ve done it any other way, so phew!

  3. workplayrest says:

    Hehehe. This is why I don’t have Pinterest! But you are right and I agree. You want people to remember the fun they had at your wedding party :)

    • Ate… Jie? I can’t see your page! Aww :( Thanks for your kind words, hehe :) Pinterest is fun naman, if you manage to say “STOP” when it’s too overwhelming X)

  4. Merry Christmas, Nikz!

    Hope you’re enjoying your holiday. Have a safe, happy, and blessed day today. :)

    Haha… It’s always fun to watch YouTube videos with Justin. He’s pretty easy to entertain with the funnier videos. At least he doesn’t think I’m a weirdo for showing them to him. LOL.

    As for smiling, it’s the strips. Although I need to buy more in the near, near future. I heard it takes effect for a longer time after at least two boxes. :D

    • I can’t remember if I said Merry Christmas – but Merry Christmas! Hahaha. Sobrang out of the loop. I was elsewhere with limited internet and family gatherings so it slipped my mind to reply! Sorry! :D

      You’re definitely a cool Mom, I could easily see (from what you post) that Justin loves your company and enjoys hanging out with you :) Super touching!

  5. Ooh. I notice a layout change. I love the color scheme on this one. I also like the crisp and clean look as well. :)

    In response to your comment on my blog, yup, the Whitestrips have given me the confidence to show a toothy smile in my pics. From what I heard, which is not very good news, one must go through two boxes to maintain the whiteness. At least for a year. For me, they are rather pricey, so I’m still quite reluctant to buy another box as much as I’d love to.

    My teeth are still better than how they used to look, but they’re not as white as they were in the picture on my post. :( I’d show a before pic, pero baka magsuka kayo. Hahahaha… My before teeth in color were embarrassing to look at. LOL.

    Thanks for the comment. Pasensya dito ako nag-reply. Wanted to keep your blog company. :)

    • Haha! Pareho kami ni Ate Jie ng layout so I thought of changing the layout (I didn’t make it anyway, sobrang tamad! LOL).

      Ahmmmm one box per 6 months = So parang $6.67/per month if you want to maintain whiteness. Hehehe. Although the results on your teeth are already good, so no need to overdo it I guess :p Sobra naman if we puke after seeing the “before” pic! We’d just be happy to see your original smile ;)

      Man, I’m thinking I should prolly set up a guestbook for you hahaha. Nakaka-hiya, sobrang hindi na ako nagpo-post. I keep drafting blogs pero I never get to finish them T_T Thanks for keeping ze blog company! :D

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